"Pain is a good catalyst for creativity"- Skepta (Once Upon a time in North London)

My heart was broken, by my own doing. It hurt and I couldn't cry it away, I couldn't hide it away and I definitely wasn't ready to be okay. Everyone has a grieving process although I felt as though I couldn't find mine, creating this series was it.


Emotions are such strange things, at the best of times they can lead you on a blazing trail of euphoria and in the next breath make you feel as though you are trapped in a maze or never ending game of mind Jenga. 


Our perception and internationalization of loneliness is the flower bed from which other emotions bloom. Influencing our interactions, experiences and preconceptions of healthy relationships, friendships, and all areas relating to companionship. Once you regulate, process and unpack the idea of being lonely and what it means emotionally, the ways in which you navigate through the world as an individual will shift. You'll still go through the motions but there will be a more serene approach to the growing pains of life.

“I do not need to be amongst other people for validation, I am magic(k)al in my existence, solely.” -Princess Nokia

In the end  true power resides in realization that there is beauty in solitude, there unequivocal peace. In other words just become a baddie. 

“My alone feels so good, I'll only have you if you're sweeter than my solitude.” 
― Warsan Shire

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